The Sunflower at Home is a blog dedicated to inspiring and motivating Introverts in pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Here you’ll find experience-backed guidance on how to thrive in business without compromising self or creative control.

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About Me

I struggled with anxiety, stress and depression as an entrepreneur for years until one day I realized something unique about my problems: They stemmed from acting on business advice that was incompatible with my personality.

As an Introvert, hearing things such as “attend network meetings” not only frustrated me but killed my drive.

I couldn’t bring myself to do most of things that these “business gurus” suggested for exposure and whenever I tried I would feel so mentally, physically and emotionally drained it would take months to recover.

I had to find a way to grow and operate a business within my own social and emotional comfort.

Today, I successfully run 2 businesses using the simple, low-key strategies shared with you throughout the articles and guides on this blog. I didn’t have to be loud on social media neither aggressive, entertaining, or funny to win at business.

So whether you’re just beginning your entrepreneurship journey or further along, my goal is to help you pivot your thinking on what it takes to be a happy and successful introverted entrepreneur.